Hello and thank you for visiting my website


I am a photographer, I love to take nature, landscapes and animal photographs. I also do portraits. I am also a graphic designer, painter and videographer.


Where to start, I started taking photos at a young age just random things and nothing fancy. When I was around the age of 10 my parents brought me a analog camera or more commonly known as a film camera for Christmas at that point I would take photos of everything, then my parents would get them developed. Eventually I upgraded to a digital camera. My main passions are landscape images, nature images and domestic, farm and wildlife images, I also take portraits but I really don’t enjoy it as much as the others.


In 2014 I was accepted into a photo imaging which I graduate from CATC Design School in 2016. I specialized in photojournalism. I also graduated from Martin in 2016 from a graphic design course.

If you would like to know anything about my images please feel free to contact me.


Naomi Burgess